Canadian Genealogy

Trace your Canadian Heritage back and get tips on making your family tree.

The history of Canada is certainly one that is quite interesting to say the least. If you aren’t familiar with it you will find there are plenty of influences along the way. They involve people who came from Ireland, England, and France. Don’t forget the many Natives who migrated there as well. Their combined efforts make up the cultural heritage of the Canada that people know and love today. 

The history of Canada goes back to the very early Native Americans who settled there long ago. As the explorers from various countries found the land of Canada they were excited to try to establish their own people on it. This was done for a variety of different reasons. For example the Natives and Northern Aboriginal Canadians simply wanted to be able to follow their main food sources – the buffalo and fish.

The French wanted to establish colonies in Canada in order to be able to further the fur trading. The leaders of France simply wanted to claim the land their explorers had found as their own. The best way they could consider to do so was to have people relocate to the area and start a new life.

For the Irish, Canada offered them a chance at a new life. They were tired of the famine and poor quality of life in Ireland. Getting on a ship heading for Canada offered them the only glimpse of hope they had in front of them. More Irish went to Canada than French or English due to the fact that they generally had a decent life where they were from. Canada was unknown and could be a risk. For the Irish though it was certainly a risk worth taking.

Many different families will find that their heritage has some link to Canada down the line of ancestors. Learning how to make a family tree can be a rewarding experience. Some of them originated there while others chose to migrate to the area. Regardless, they all helped to shape the culture of Canada. They influence that the had continue to be a part of the Canadian legacy today.

People all over the world have surnames that stem from Canadians. This is due to the fact that people don’t always stay in the same location as they once did. No matter where you live though being able to use genealogy to trace your heritage is important. It allows you and future generations to known what links you have. Chances are you will have some lineage to Canada.